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Tutorial: Premium deposits others

What are Premium deposits others?

A premium deposit is a lump sum monetary deposit managed in Czech crown whose interest yield is premium. A special issue of premium deposits is intended for clients who want to invest on stock or commodity markets without a risk that the amount invested could be lost. The premium amount depends on the development of the prices of selected underlying assets. The product tenure is 1 year up to 4 years.

How do Premium deposits others work?

The deposit premium depends on the development of selected underlying assets and selected structure of the premium deposit. A special issue of premium deposits is to be used as a current investment opportunity beyond the standard offer. The products are interesting supplements to the portfolio.

Your benefits

A special issue of premium deposits offers an opportunity to profit from a selected investment story, interesting underlying asset or special structure. It extends investment opportunities and enables portfolio diversification.

Your advantages

  • Legal insurance of deposits applies to premium deposits alike to term deposits.
  • The deposit is set up and managed free of charge.
  • All CZK premium deposits may be bought at Česká spořitelna branches or through SERVIS 24.
  • Thanks to a fixed maturity date, other investments can be planned.

You should know

  • Premium deposits are liable to the same tax as term deposits, yields of natural persons are subject to 15%-withholding tax.
  • Premium deposits may be terminated ahead of schedule at branches of Česká spořitelna. In such a case, however, a penalty fee is charged due to additional bank costs. The fee is 2-6% of the withdrawn amount with stock premium deposits.

Purchase conditions

  • To set up a premium deposit, you need to have an asset account of investment instruments with Česká spořitelna. Opening an asset account is free of charge, it can be done at any branch of Česká spořitelna, an investor - natural person will have to submit a valid identity card, a legal person will have to submit documents of corporate personality.
  • To set up a premium deposit, it is not necessary to have a money account at Česká spořitelna. Money for the payment of the premium deposit may be sent to the respective collecting account from any Czech Crown account.

Who can buy?

  • Citizens of the Czech Republic or foreign nationals over the age of 18 years (legal representative in the case of a minor).
  • Legal person, natural person–entrepreneur.
  • Other entities established under the laws of the Czech Republic (foundations, movements, political parties).

How do Premium deposits others react to...

… growth of underlying assets?
Stocks issued so far focus on the price increase of underlying assets. Any increase of underlying asset prices is thus good news for the premium amount.

… decrease of underlying assets?
Stocks issued so far focus on the price increase of underlying assets. Thus any decrease of underlying asset prices can have a negative impact on the premium amount.


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