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CNB rates

SelectNameCurrencyCurrency unitMidDate
AUD Australian Dollar (CNB)AUD/CZK115.55902024/06/21
DKK Danish Krone (CNB)DKK/CZK13.34502024/06/21
EUR Euro (CNB)EUR/CZK124.94502024/06/21
HKD Hong Kong Dollar (CNB)HKD/CZK12.99102024/06/21
JPY Japanese Yen (CNB)JPY/CZK10014.69102024/06/21
ZAR South African Rand (CNB)ZAR/CZK11.30402024/06/21
CAD Canadian Dollar (CNB)CAD/CZK117.04902024/06/21
HUF Hungarian Forint (CNB)HUF/CZK1006.28302024/06/21
XDR Special Drawing Rights (CNB)XDR/CZK130.75402024/06/21
NOK Norwegian Krone (CNB)NOK/CZK12.21302024/06/21
NZD New Zealand Dollar (CNB)NZD/CZK114.31302024/06/21
PLN Polish Zloty (CNB)PLN/CZK15.77002024/06/21
RON Romanian Leu (CNB)RON/CZK15.01202024/06/21
SEK Swedish Krona (CNB)SEK/CZK12.21702024/06/21
CHF Swiss Franc (CNB)CHF/CZK126.15302024/06/21
TRY Turkish Lira (CNB)TRY/CZK10.71102024/06/21
GBP British Pound (CNB)GBP/CZK129.51502024/06/21
USD United States Dollar (CNB)USD/CZK123.34102024/06/21
BGN Bulgarian lev (CNB)BGN/CZK112.75402024/06/21


The exchange rates for purchases and sales of currencies as stated above are reference exchange rates. ČNB exchange rates average are valid for previous working day. For conversions exceeding the equivalent of CZK 0.25 million (inclusive), Česká spořitelna determines an individual exchange rate pursuant to the current situation on the interbanking market.

Payment transactions made in foreign currencies, where the payer and payee account is maintained by Česká spořitelna, are subject to the exchange rate fixed according to the current situation on the interbank market solely in case of outgoing payments. The incoming payment is processed to the payee account using the exchange rate according to the Exchange Rate List of Česká spořitelna valid on the payment processing day.
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