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Invest your money in long-term values and gain security for the future.

5 reasons why to choose gold

Gold as a store of value
Since time immemorial gold has been considered a valuable commodity. It has been a proven form of investment for many centuries.

The certainty that gold brings is due to its independence. Gold to a maximum extent is independent of states, currencies, productivity or credit eligibility. Its price may be affected by economic and political factors, but its value and demand will not be placed at risk.

Despite the fluctuating price of gold on the open market, its value remains stable in the long term.

Gold reserve
Banks of issue hold their reserves in gold. Many experts also recommend to private investors that they should invest a smaller amount of their funds in precious metals. The creation of “family gold reserves” has proved its worth by the purchase of smaller amounts of gold over a longer period of time in regular intervals during which the fluctuation of rates is balanced out and the buying price is averaged out.

Whoever has gold always has money. Gold is traded 24 hours a day worldwide. If you have gold you own a certain type of internationally recognised “currency” because you can sell gold at any time in any country.

Gold ingots
A gold ingot is one of the items made from precious metals and particularly from gold making it a truly exclusive product. However, gold ingots are not just a luxury gift you can give to others, but are above all investment products for the future.

KINEBAR® – great gift

10g ingot of MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH: A beautiful gem or gift bearing a Lipizzan horse stamping. It is also a security element, i.e. a KINEBAR®.

Protective elements on ingots:
- KINEBAR® - Lipizzan horse stamping (only on the 10g ingot)
- Data on the mass and purity: 999,9 Au
- Quality stamp – MelterAssayer hallmark
- Individual ingot number: each ingot is marked as a unique piece

Collector’s item
High carat value: To guarantee the authenticity and high value of ingots, MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH has begun to work with the Swiss manufacturer ARGOR – HERAEUS SA in the manufacture of ingots according to the “Good Delivery” standard thereby guaranteeing the highest quality.

You will find the gold ingot technical data in the leaflet.
Ingots according to the Good Delivery standard: metal ingots cast by metallurgical process into a standardised shape. This is how the units are created that can be easily transported and handled. Only ingots are approved for trading that come from refineries and coin mints and meet the qualitative requirements. The ingots must bear data on purity, the manufacturer’s brand and a unique ingot number.

Purity: Gold is often processed in alloys. The ratio of precious metal and base components gives the purity.

Carat: The unit giving the ratio of gold in alloy on a scale divided into 24 carats. Pure gold is marked as 24-carat gold.

Where and how to buy

Under contract it is possible to buy gold ingots at selected branches of Česká spořitelna. (Česká spořitelna providing Central Securities Depository services and trading in gold ingots).The advisor will discuss the terms and conditions of the transaction with the client (type of ingot, number of ingots, price and collection point) and conclude a purchase contract. The condition for concluding the purchase contract is that the client has sufficient funds on the client's current account maintained in CZK, to which the client has the right of disposal and where the purchase of funds for the purchase will take place. Once the gold ingots are prepared to be collected in person at a selected branch the client is informed (by SMS, email) in accordance with the contract. The ingots will be prepared without undue delay after we receive them from our supplier. If we do not hand over the above-mentioned gold bars to the client within 50 working days after concluding the contract, the client may cancel the contract with immediate effect. In this case, we will return the paid purchase price to the client. If we do not hand over the above-mentioned gold bars within 12 months of concluding the contract, the contract will cease to be effective. Even in this case, we will refund the purchase price. The deadline for collecting the gold is 50 working days.
You can also order gold ingots in George internet banking.
It is possible to physically collect the ingots at the following branches: Brno, Kounicova 4, České Budějovice, U Černé věže 1, Hradec Králové, tř. ČSA 402, Jihlava, Křížová 1338/1, Karlovy Vary, tř. TGM 14, Liberec, Felberova 12/9, Olomouc, tř. Svobody 19, Ostrava, 28. října 3348/65, Plzeň, Františkánská 15, Praha, Budějovická 1912/64b, Ústí nad Labem, Mírové nám. 2, Zlín, Zarámí 4463.

Where and how to resell

Repurchase is possible at branches that physically collect ingots (see Where and how to buy). Here Česká spořitelna repurchases only those gold ingots which were sold through it and are undamaged. An advisor will acquaint the client with the current repurchase price and if the client accepts the price, the authenticity of the ingot is verified. Once the gold ingot sales contract is signed the agreed amount of money is credited to the client’s account.

Gold ingots
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More information

We will gladly provide you with more information at branches of Česká spořitelna or on the info line 800 INVEST (800 468 378).


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